A frontend made for you.

Snowflake is a brand-new zero-config emulator frontend powered by HTML5.

Snowflake is pre-alpha software still under heavy development. Read about our features and progress reports below.


Snowflake is super easy to use and understand. With it's 'batteries included' approach, you longer need to spend hours setting up emulators just to play a game. Games are intelligently scraped — download accurate information about your games every time. No more wrong searches or manual editing! (You can still edit if you want.)


Snowflake lets you change emulator settings and configuration inside your frontend; using special 'bridge' plugins all your favourite emulators are supported, including Dolphin. A powerful theme system powered by HTML5 and Electron lets you change your frontend to your liking, or completely overhaul it with a custom theme.


Snowflake is open source software. Our plugin system lets you add new features we never could've thought of, our theming API lets you completely change the look and feel of Snowflake. Publish your plugin or theme to our upcoming plugin repository and share it with the world.

Snowflake Progress Report - June 2017

This month’s main attraction is the new Modules API that will serve as the basis for how Snowflake is developed and packaged in the future. There has been some UI progress as well; but if there is one thing I’ve learned this month, is that frontend developement is very difficult....
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Introducing Stone: A database for game consoles and their controllers.

When I first started writing Snowflake, one of the things I was concerned with was how to refer internally to different game consoles. This wasn’t an issue exclusive to Snowflake; databases like TheGamesDB and OpenVGDB all have different identifiers for different consoles. Stone originally started out as a more normalised...
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Snowflake Progress Report - May 2017

It’s been nearly a year since the last blog, mostly because I’ve been quite busy with other obligations that I haven’t been able to work with Snowflake all that much. However, the last blog was in May of last year, and while working on a bunch of new features I...
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The Input Pipeline — A closer look at Snowflake's input device management.

This is kind of a pseudo-devlog in which I go into slight technical detail about one of Snowflake’s multiple APIs. I’ve written it in such a way as to not require much if any technical knowledge, however, I won’t blame you if you find this wall of text a bit...
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Feature Preview — On-the-fly Configuration Generation Part 1.

This is part 1 of a multi-part series on the concept of “configuration generation”, Snowflake’s solution for integrating with emulators. This article talks about features soon-to-be merged into the main branch, but are not yet available, when the features are merged, this article will be updated accordingly. Emulation frontends generally...
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Feature Preview - Heuristic Scraping

This is part 1 of a new set of articles going into depth of new features in Snowflake running up to Snowflake API 1.0 The Pull Request featured in this article is #170 Scraping has always been a fuzzy and controversial field. Unlike other forms of media, games; ROMs in...
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New Website

I’ve built a new website based off Bootstrap and Jekyll for Snowflake. This new website looks a lot cleaner and is more informative than the old grey static one, and Jekyll lets me publish articles straight from the Markdown. The docs are a lot more cleaner too, and use the...
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Snowflake Progress Report - August 2015

First off, apologies for the delay in releasing the alpha preview. Originally, I planned to release earlier, but as I went on, I felt Snowflake is still not ready for use. I want to deliver you the best frontend ever, even in alpha. Only recently were some features added, and...
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Snowflake Developer Roundup - August 2015

There have been some major changes to the Snowflake API since I’ve done a developer-oriented devlog. The good news is, now that all these big changes have been done, there aren’t any more huge overhauls planned (except maybe the removal of the entire IIdentifier API ), so it is now...
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Snowflake Progress Report - May 2015

Snowflake has come a long way from a bunch of hacky Python scripts. 2 years since I started working on a frontend, I’ve finally managed to build something that actually resembles one with C#, HTML5 and Javascript. Snowflake finally comes to a semblance of reality, an app that a person...
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Snowflake Developer Roundup - April 2015

There hasn’t been as much progress as I would have liked from February to April, but work is still continuing at a steady rate. There’s been few, but very large improvements that I’d like to talk about. That, and I finally have a screenshot of a working incarnation of the...
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Snowflake Developer Roundup - February 2015

Since my previous devlog ‘The Home Stretch’, I’ve basically implemented most if not all of the base C# API. At this point, most of the behaviour of the backend is finalized, so there’s only a few things to talk about. New Controller API The new controller API is complete and...
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Snowflake Developer Roundup - January 2015

I tried to save the first devlog of the new year to be when the API is actually finished, but seems like I couldn’t wait until then. Still, we’re thiiiiissss close to having everything complete, or at least booting a ROM, so I’m going to blog about it. Documentation It’s...
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